How to install Google Analytics and Disqus on Ghost in a better way

Include Diqus and Google Analytics is very easy, just copy and past each script in default.hbs each one in their position. But it's not the better way to keep »

How to use HighlightJS into Ghost blogging platform

Using HighlighJs inside a Ghost Blog is very easy, you only need to Include the Stylesheet (a CSS file) of the theme you like. Include the HighlightJs library. Initialize the »

Meteor 0.9.0: Migrazione al nuovo Packaging System

Con il rilascio della versione 0.9.0 Meteor porta con se il nuovo e proprio Packaging System: mandando in pensione l'ormai vecchio meteorite mrt add <packag-name>, mrt »

Sublime Text: Enable HTML code completion in Handlebars template script

Here are the steps necessary to enable the HTML code completion inside the <script type="text/x-handlebars"> tag when using Handlebars template in Sublime Text 3 ( and 2 »